A Detailed Analysis Of Indispensable Elements Of Uk Hospitals

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UK hospitals

The study, from the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) and the National Federation of Womens Institutes (NFWI), is based on a survey of 2,500 women who have given birth since 2014. It found that, since a similar report four years ago, there has been ‘scant progress’ in women’s experiences of giving birth on the NHS. The NCT will be using the findings to press for improvements to maternity services and presenting them to the Health Select Committee in Parliament. The new find this report found that 17 per cent of women did not get such one-to-one care from midwives. Some 31pc of women who required or received pain relief experienced a delay of 30 minutes or more, and 15pc said there were delays in their immediate post-birth care, such as washing or suturing. Provided by Trinity Mirror Plc Midwives under pressure as hospital has hundreds more births than predicted Several women wrote about feeling like ‘cattle’ or ‘a machine’. One said: I received a very robotic care. It wasnt very personal and I felt like just another person on the conveyor belt. Another said: I wasnt treated as a human. I was just a product on a conveyor belt. I was not respected and my birth has left me suffering post traumatic stress disorder. Another commented on staffing issues, saying: My chosen hospital ward and adjoining birth centre were extremely busy, or so I kept being told on the phone, which resulted in me having an unplanned home birth. One said: There was no room for me on the delivery ward.

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