Updated Guidance On Rudimentary Tactics In Uk Hospitals

Approximately nine tonnes of masonry fell on an area where children could easily have been standing or passing through. One does not require much imagination to think of what the consequences might have been if it had happened an hour or so later. After similar defects were identified in other schools in the city built in the same group of PFI contracts, officials ordered the emergency closure of 17 primary, secondary and special schools in the capital for up to five months for inspections and repairs, causing massive disruption for nearly 8,400 pupils, their teachers and parents. The debacle has already led to Edinburgh council withholding more than 5m in monthly fees to the private sector owner of the schools, Edinburgh Schools Partnership (ESP). The council is seeking millions of pounds in compensation to cover the costs of the disruption. In his 250-page report to the council, Cole said the subsequent safety inspections of those schools revealed the builders had failed to make them fire safe by leaving gaps and unsealed areas which could have allowed a fire to spread unchecked. He said the significant number of defects raised bigger concerns about the construction and quality assurances used by the private contractors and called for a UK-wide review of the issues he had identified. Cole said the PFI industry had known for some time that defective fire-stopping had been discovered to be a potentially problematic issue in [their] schools and hospitals it is surprising that ESP had not taken a more proactive approach at an earlier stage to establish the condition of fire-stopping in the [Edinburgh] schools. Cole said brick walls at Trinity and Duncanrig secondary schools in South Lanarkshire collapsed during high winds in early January 2012. Investigations revealed the builders had not inserted the correct wall ties, which fix an external wall to other structural walls.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/feb/09/damning-report-slams-firms-who-built-fault-ridden-scottish-schools

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UK hospitals

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